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Not for nothing if the champagne has become the flagship wines ! Culture of the vine until ageing, all is only business of patience, meticulousness and requirement.

A question of assembly

The trade secret of a great champagne lies in the fact of knowing to cut the vine and to assemble the grape with an extreme rigour. The assembly is done between various type of vines, vintages and years. This nearly general rule applies with the same process of rigour in order to ensure a continuity in gustatory qualities and of identification of champagne.

Three varietals and fifteen months

Only three grape varieties are authorized for its development : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Ageing will have to last 15 month at least. This is an explanation to understand the differences between a house renowned and some cooperative. A large house will make age its wine beyond the legal minimum. This vintage, more expensive but infinitely more appreciable, will reinforce its incomparable style if it results from the slopes the best exposed ones, in the best villages, after a drastic selection of the best grains... but it is also the rarest.

A subtle and complex development

The grape harvest proceeds between mid-September and the beginning of October according to years'. The grapes are obligatorily gathered with the hand and quickly forwarded to the press in order to avoid any risk of oxidation. It then proceeds with the press. It must be immediate and accurate, the skins of red grapes not to liberate their color (except to develop a rosé called "of bleeding"). Follows the first fermentation alcoholic, traditional, made at low temperature and intended for the development of the flavours. This traditional fermentation letting the wine rest six months or more is then tapped, then assembled by a chief of cellar for which the responsibility and the immense knowledge are to work out a homogeneous vintage corresponding to the quality and the image of the house. This development often calls upon a great number of different vintages, going from three or four with more than fifty, some being able to belong to vintages of the former years put in reserve. Only the vintage champagnes are wine assemblies from a single year, a pledge of a higher quality.

The arrival of bubbles

Once assembled, the wines undergo a second fermentation during which operates the foam. The yeasts consume sugar, turning into alcohol and carbon dioxide released naturally making sparkling wine.

Fifteen months minimum

In order to reach sought plenitude, the bottles will have to reach one duration of maturity fixed at fifteen months minimum after pulling, duration passing to three years when they are vintage champagnes.

Stir up with delicacy

It will still be necessary for that to proceed to the moving of the bottles, technique consisting in turning the bottles placed on desks of 1/8 or 1/4 of turn, thus allowing the deposit disturbing champagne to go down in the collar from the bottle in order to better expel it at the time of discharging. One adds finally a liquor of proportioning coming to compensate for the loss undergone at the time of discharging. The sugar concentration in liquor makes it possible to determine if one deals with raw champagne, medium dry or different. It remains only dress bottles prior to shipment.

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